What to expect of us and what we expect of you:

After not serving guests on our property for over 4 months due to C-19 and now 4 nights into service on a nine-table tented patio, this is what we know… the hospitality & restaurant world has changed.

First and foremost…please slow down when entering the restaurant or patio
Stop and read the signs we have posted for you and us - they are both important and informative.


Reservation-Only Tented Patio – Masks are required to enter and exit the tent and any other time you’re up or out of your seat which should be rarely please - a restroom is available but again, not easy or fast. If you’re a public restroom frequent flyer consider ordering Gale Street To Go – none of this easy. We have a hand-sink on the patio to wash before or after dinner, please use this sink and not the restroom to wash your hands for this situation.

  • Reservations now required - parties of 4 or less only and you must be 18 years of age to enter and dine.
    *While Gale Street Inn has been the definition of a family restaurant for close to 60 years (and will be again once we’ve opened our inside dining rooms), but this temporary patio out back is not that. Larger groups splitting up will not be permitted. Yes, we are discouraging the larger groups. We need it simple, clean and as stress free as possible and so do you.
    We feel it’s a great date space or a quick get together with another friend or two. We really are excited to serve you all once again and it’s these early baby steps we’re taking that are going to teach us and give us more confidence to open up further and into the restaurant.
    Single guests are most welcomed as always.
  • Dine times are limited to 90 minutes but hey, a little of us goes a long way!
  • It has been super hot and humid; we’re not in charge of the weather. All reservations are rain or shine, please respect your reservation time, and we will, too.
  • ENTER the patio through the BACK of the lot NOT through the restaurant. You’ll need to step up on a curb, and then cut through the bushes and cross the alley to the tent. Look for the sign on the tree and the pink pigs on the ground.
  • Restroom is available upon request – NOT IN THE RESTAURANT


  • Curbside pick up has moved inside for now. We ask that you park and come in and pick up your orders. No more than two customers in the lobby at one time. Please wait outside if you see two in the lobby. We ask that you distance by noticing the spaced pigs on the ground. There is no public restroom available in the restaurant. Should you need help out, or need us to bring it out for whatever reason, we will but you’ll need to be patient. The best way to order is online at galestreet.com. Through the site you can schedule and pay to make for a smoother transaction for all. Sign up to be an InnSIDER and receive dollars off future orders. We use a system called Toast and you can download the app to your phone for even simpler ordering with us and or other local restaurants in the area…Toast TakeOut is the app.

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